What Is an Ethical Will?

You may look at estate planning as a purely financial endeavor. Obviously, you have to prepare your resources for future distribution to your loved ones when you plan your estate, but you can view the process in a more comprehensive manner. Legacy planning is a more holistic form of estate planning that takes matters of the heart into account. When you are crafting your legacy plan, you could consider the inclusion of a document called an ethical will or legacy letter. Some people are better communicators than others. Many individuals never really share all of their innermost thoughts with the people that they love, and this can be something that gets into your head when you reach an advanced age. There can be those who really do not understand your thought processes, this can leave you with a somewhat empty feeling. In addition to this, as an elder, you are a source of wisdom and balance. Over the years, your younger family members have invariably come to you seeking guidance during


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