Who Handles My Affairs If I Become Incapacitated?

When you are looking ahead toward your twilight years, you should be pragmatic about possible incapacitation. People are living longer and longer lives, and it is likely that you will live into your eighties if you are fortunate enough to celebrate your 65th birthday. Once you reach an advanced age, incapacitation can enter the picture. Alzheimer s disease alone is enough to get your attention. The Alzheimer s Association does a lot of fantastic work educating the public about this disease. According to their website, around 45 percent of people who are at least 85 are suffering from the disease. Alzheimer s disease causes dementia, and people with dementia often become unable make sound decisions on their own. Adult Guardianship If you do nothing to prepare for possible incapacity, and you do become incapacitated at some point, a guardianship hearing could be convened. Ultimately, the state could appoint a guardian to act on your behalf. This is a necessary safeguard, but the outcome


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