How Is My Last Will Handled After I Die?

The legal document called a last will or last will and testament is the most commonly used estate planning device. You can state your wishes regarding asset distributions in a will, but you should be aware of the estate administration process that will come into play. When you create a last will, you name an executor or executrix. This is the person who will handle the business of the estate after you are gone. An executor is a male estate administrator, and an executrix is a female who has taken on the role. The estate administrator cannot distribute assets to the heirs immediately after you pass away. The last will would be admitted to probate, and in New York, the Surrogate s Court would supervise the administration of the estate. During probate, there is a proving of the will. The court examines the document to make sure that it is valid, and witnesses who signed the will must be contacted unless it is a self proving will. You can create a self proving will if you bring the witnes


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