When Does a Living Trust Terminate?

A revocable living trust can be a very viable solution for a wide range of people who have enjoyed some modicum of financial success. You receive a number of different benefits when you utilize this type of trust as a vehicle of asset transfer. Efficient Control of Resources When you create a revocable living trust, you name a trustee and a beneficiary, or multiple beneficiaries. The trustee is the trust administrator, and the beneficiary is the individual who can receive monetary distributions from the trust. The trust creator or grantor will typically act as the trustee and the beneficiary throughout his or her life.  Since the creator of the trust can serve these roles, complete control is retained. Plus, remember, the trust is revocable, so it can be dissolved by the grantor of the trust at any time. Assets can be added to the trust along the way, and the grantor can remove assets from the trust as well, so there is a great deal of flexibility. Future Asset Distributions The ulti


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