What Is the Difference Between a Living Will and a Living Trust?

Legal matters can be confusing, and this is especially true when documents have similar sounding names. You hear a lot of things about estate planning, and you hear many terms tossed about, so you could come away with misconceptions. We endeavor to clear things up on our blog from time to time, and with this in mind, we will look at the difference between living wills and living trusts in this post. Life Support Preferences There are different types of wills used in the field of estate planning. Everyone has heard of the last will or last will and testament that can be used to facilitate postmortem asset transfers. In addition to the last will, there is another type of will called a living will. This is an advance directive for health care, and it has nothing to do with monetary matters. Doctors can sometimes keep people alive through the utilization of life-sustaining measures like mechanical respiration and artificial hydration and nutrition. This can be true even when a patient is


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